This piece was featured for the #ERANow art series organized by non-profit organization The Feminist Front. As stated in their message, "The #ERANow campaign is an intersectional campaign by The Feminist Front to center our communities and young people in the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment, to finally put gender protections in the U.S. Constitution. At a time of massive attacks on abortion and trans people, we know we need the E.R.A. now more than ever."
For my piece, I made a mural-esque plaza centering around reproductive justice. I created 7 little groups of people interacting and include something pertaining to the idea of community and togetherness. Some include mundane moments while others are more literal. I also included a little group of women in the center in grey to symbolize where the term “reproductive justice,” which is from multiple organizations started by women of color in the 90s.
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